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International Forum
"Land and Real Estate Market Development in the Russian Federation"
February 20-21, 2007

Under the Auspices of Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation

Among the domestic priorities set out by the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin in his annual addresses are the issues relating to the establishment of a civilized internal market of land and real estate.

These issues become even more acute in light of implementation of the national priority project "Affordable Housing to Russian Citizens".

Achieving the tasks set out by the President of the Russian Federation requires implementation of effective mechanisms for inter-agency cooperation and encouraging the productive dialog with the business community and society.

International Forum "Land and Real Estate Market Development in the Russian Federation" is intended to become one of such mechanisms.

Forum will be held under the auspices of:

Forum initiators:

Major Objectives:

  • Establishment of inter-agency cooperation for coordination of positions with respect to issues concerning regulation of land relations.
  • Bringing the policy of federal agencies down to the regional and municipal levels.
  • Discussion of the planned legislative activities between representatives of the legislative branch and the business community.
  • Establishment of a dialog between the legislative branch and representatives of the business community to obtain a feedback on the current and planned federal programs and legislative initiatives.

Major Subjects:

  • Allocation of land plots for construction
  • Cadastral registration of real estate objects
  • Registration of rights to real estate property and transactions with it
  • Real estate taxation
  • Regulation of construction activities
  • Mortgage

Target Audience:

Representatives of the federal executive and legislative authorities responsible for development of regulatory measures with respect to the land and real estate market;

Heads of the authorities of the subjects and municipalities of the Russian Federation involved in the law enforcement and interaction with economic entities in the field;

Representatives of the Russian and foreign business community, construction and investment companies, banks, insurance companies, associations, major enterprises, natural monopolies, exploration and mapping companies, cadastral and land management agencies, estimation companies, etc;

Representatives of the Russian and foreign expert community.

Forum site: World Trade Center, 12 Krasnopresnenskaya nab., Moscow

On issues of participation of foreign companies and foreign experts in the Forum, please contact:

Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Department of Property and Land Relations, Nature Management Economy

Tel: +7 (495) 650-86-62 - Gafarova Galina Linurovna - Consultant
Fax: +7 (495) 650-83-65, 650-84-73
E-mail: gafarova@economy.gov.ru

Organizing Committee:

Tel: +7 (495) 628-87-14 , 648-68-61 - Shikova Ekaterina
Fax: +7 (495) 625-46-55
E-mail: shikova@landforum.ru

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